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?portsmouth Virginia

AARP Members and ADA (Save Money) Americans with Disabilities of the Stuart , Florida and the treasure Coast area.. $ave with Dwelling Renovations with local family owned business offering Stuart and Martin county residents cabinets for thier individual dwelling provide Eco-pleasant products and Specialise in ADA Designs. Sorry Ken, I haven't got access to the schematics to your unit. I feel I found it. On the board I discussed, it's the control board on the roof high unit, I can measure 12 volts on the coil of the relay when the compressor is suppose to go on, but the relay by no means closes, the 120v never will get to the compressor. It's a simple SPST relay, so guessing the coil is open as a result of I through my volt/ohm meter on it and it does learn open. Nice, a $4.00 part to hopefully get the air going again. I'll verify again if you happen to put up a comment on my concern. Let me know when you want extra info.

I've noticed when this happens the warmth strip now not works as well. You may usually hear it kick in and out while turning the thermostat on the a/c unit however nothing till the compressor starts working once more. The compressor will get heat while working however not scorching by any means, one refrigerant line heat/sizzling and the other chilly. Filters and condensor are clean. The controls are mounted on the unit. A couple times despite the fact that the breaker wasn't tripped (fan ran) I turned it off after which again on and the issue repeated, compressor runs 8 to 10 minutes. on then off however this hampton bay fan remote doesn't reset it at all times, sometimes you just have to attend it out. I am confused, any help could be appreciated. Thanks. I am going to attempt to submit what I discover right here as quickly as potential. Typically they get too hot and won't permit the compressor to start or continue to operate appropriately. Thanks again!

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